Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Garratt and I am so excited to be representing Hertfordshire in Miss diamond 2020. I am currently at university studying visual merchandising my specialist subject is creative direction, and I’m graduating this year. I have two amazing children who make every day wonderful. As a young mum it has been so important to show my children that life doesn’t stop, dreams don’t stop the only thing that can stop is you is you. Pageantry was originally supposed to be a weekend thing that my daughter wanted to do, but in the weeks running up it the charity element allowed our family to share so many experiences together. It allowed me to teach my children social responsibility and giving them a wider perspective of the world and how your actions can change it. The excitement it created in my house was something we all could partake in. We in 3 weeks raised £140.I am also holding 2 Charity events for Samaritans and Well being of women, which I am proud to say I have had an amazing response from, as well as running online campaigns and raising awareness. My daughter Summer-Rose won Miss Charity Crawley, and with a push from her and some of the Miss diamond family I felt confident to apply. All the reasons I wanted my daughter to compete, the confidence building, charity opportunities, awareness development, were all reasons worthy of competing myself. If I am teaching my daughter to go out and be confident then I have to lead by example. Plus, she is my number 1 dress up buddy. Life is non stop and I love it. I am enthusiastic and ambitious about health, motherhood and fashion. As I am thinking about ending uni, I want to fill my upcoming year with as many positive experiences as possible especially whilst I have the time. I have always been passionate about raising funds for charities which I mix with my passion for creative design and events. Working with Miss Diamond I have had the opportunity to share with the world that I have found myself !
I feel confident to share the message, that you are at your best being your 100% authentic