Hi, I am Lorne Pham, 13 years old, I studied about global citizen education when I was 13 years old. I raised my dream to travel in London which is beautiful and ancient place. I had dream, I had tried my best so I won 100% scholarship award to my England. I was born and grew up in a happy family in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are inherited many wonderful things from our parents – 2 lawyers, businessmen and trainers . My parents always teach us that inside every human being, there are countless values: strength, faith, passion, ambition and a lot of different strong points. There are a lot of wonderful colourful things outside the wolrd which gives us so many opportunities to explore and develop. In order to become a success person, we have to find out who we are, what do we want, and what are your talent….., I found my passion as a vlogger, who shared my opinion about amazing life from youtube. Recently, I found that I really like catwalk. The feeling to step up in the colorful and bright stage makes me develop my personality, desirable outside the world