Summer –Rose is 5 years old and full of life. Summer – Rose loves ballet and tap dancing and the occasional cartwheel. She enjoys all things princess and girly. She is a ray of sunshine and loves to talk and is very inquisitive. Summer – Rose loves her dogs she plays with them for hours which often turn into training sessions, which are actually becoming quite effective. She has an incredibly helpful nature that she carries through all her interactions and at home. Her social confidence has grown a lot since she was made class rep and put on the school council in September 2019. Summer-Rose loves school and even though she is the youngest in her class she makes up for it in personality. She spoke to her head teacher and is now selling raffle tickets from her school to raise money for Samaritans and Well being of women. Winning first runner up at her first ever pageant and overall charity winner, raising an amazing £140 in Feb 2020 gave Summer-Rose a great push of confidence into the world of pageantry. Summer Rose loves her friends and enjoys a giggle with the Miss Diamond girls. She is looking forward to being in the room with strong, confident, chatty girls just like herself.