ANTONIA GRACE (born 23 December 2009) is a French singer and actress, best known for her
stand up show at Jamel Comedy Kids TV Show, but also several kid roles in TV series and movies like ‘’After the matinee’’ Japanese
movie, ‘’On the other side of the mountains’’, ‘’Profilage’’, ‘’Fleabag’’ and others. She is also a singer and won an American audition in
Paris, VocalStar 2019, and was invited to participate in the intensive coaching program and final Gala Show in Hollywood. At this
occasion, she was awarded the Best Music Video in pre-teen category. In September 2019, Antonia Grace has released her first original
song ‘’NE THING’’ written by Grammy Award Canadian songwriter, Adam H. Hurstfield. (Link :
Along with her singing career, Antonia Grace is keen on nature and animals. She has decided to concentrate her singing activity on the
main goal which is our Earth’s and animals’ protection. During her sea boat trip with the “Evasion Tropicale Association” in 2018, Antonia
was highly affected to see a baby sperm whale die by the fault of humans, hooked to his mother by a drift net. Pulled at the bottom of the

ocean by his own mother who had to eat, he did not survive (extract of this moment in her video clip Ocean from 1.48mns). Back in Paris,
she decided to mobilize young generation to protect their future and to ask parents for repairs.
In October 2019, Antonia Grace together with her team directed by Louis Liébert has released her video clip on Goldfrapp ft Dave Gahan
song ‘’Ocean’’. This video clip is supported by major Ocean Protection World Associations as Sea Shepherd and Surfrider.
Antonia:’’ I am so proud to sing on behalf of people engaged into the preservation and restoring of marine ecosystems. Of the
spellbinding power and beauty of our oceans! It is not about the spectacular cinematography from unexplored depths of our planet, this is
about our reality, our future and our life. ‘’ (Link :
Today, Antonia is working on her new projects on the forest and mountain protection mainly based on Dave Gahan (lead Depeche Mode
singer) songs. Antonia explains: ‘’ His lyrics is so realistic and expresses exactly what I want to deliver as a message’’. Again, video clips
are supported by well-known Worldwide organizations which believe in her. ‘’I know that some pupils in schools don’t’ even know what
disasters can be caused by throwing rubbish in the sea. But also traditions that are still kept by Europeans that kill whole dolphins’
families, babies and pregnant females! This must be heard and young people must be conscious of awful human acts’’, says Antonia.
Antonia Grace was born in Paris, France. Antonia has a sister and a brother. She is in the middle.
For more than 4 years, she took weekly classes at the International Academy of Musical Theater in Paris. Today, she has her personal
vocal coach who helps her to enhance her vocal performance. Moreover, she has been taking theater classes at the Cours Simon school
in Paris from where Nathalie Baye, Louis de Funes, Michelle Morgan, Jean Reno and others have graduated.
Antonia moves to Essex, UK, by the end of 2019 to integrate the affiliate school of LAMDA and an award-winning Musical Theater school,
Tomorrow’s Talent (ref. like West End).