I reside in Kent, I am originally from Hampshire.This year I will be 56years young. I believe in empowerment of Woman and feel it paramount in the social environment we live in to raise each other up, in that every one is beautiful.Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is about being kind, caring and being yourself and so much more, it’s about encouragement and lifting each other to new found heights.During my life I have trod many different career paths, including welfare of others.I have moved many times and although born in Hampshire, I reside in the Garden of England,Kent.I do still have ties to Hampshire in that I am an Ambassador for the County, and I have family who still live there.I have one grown up Daughter, and two wonderful Grandchildren. I have been a Widow for 12 years.I am a Philanthropist and with that brings new found Circles of acquaintances, and goals ,these are to raise awareness of Charities and in so doing raise funds for them, I love a challenge. In my younger days I did a Parachute Jump in Bridlington Yorkshire to raise funds for charity, this was before the Tandem Jump situation, so it was me in the sky of Diamonds alone, on a Parachute and a Prayer. I am a Director of a not for profit company, and Volunteer my services.I enjoy Music many genres, from early Jazz right up to the latest Music.I enjoy socialising , meeting people, dining out and the Arts.Equally I like being at home watching films with the Grandchildren,(Disney films are my go to)and I love reading stories to them. When it’s my turn to watch television, I am quite happy to indulge in a box set of Absolutely Fabulous, I believe laughter is the best therapy. I also love organising events, I am an events Organiser more of a hobby now, coupled with my floristry, again a hobby.I enjoy cooking too.I love Animals, I have a fur kid called Oreo. I like horses and I am keen to learn to ride. My favourite Animal is the Gorilla, and I can sit an observe them for ages.My favourite era is the 1920s a time of sheer decadence.I love fashion, and have been known to make a costume or two in the past for my Grandchildren.To end this Biography there is one quote I rely on, it is ; Always read a book chapter and verse before making a decision on the author.I believe our life is a kin to a book in that life has many chapters, some bad, some good the secret is taking the positive chapters forward, accepting new challenges looking for the stars and remembering you need the darkness for the stars to shine and destiny is yours for the taking.”