Hello my name is Janet House, I am 55 years old. I work part time in my family take away, i teach karate and I do a little bit of TV/film work. I’ve always loved beauty pageants when I was a child I used to watch Miss World then walk around in my child’s plastic high heels and pretend I was her. I recently visited China to model on a catwalk show, for charity. This made me realise how I love the beauty world, I knew it is a big part of who I want to be I entered my first beauty pageant at the age of 12. I then entered a few more in my early 20’s. I love the Miss Diamond beauty pageant because it’s range of varied categories. I truly believe beauty comes in all shapes sizes and ages. I enjoy helping others as I find it rewarding and fun. Beauty pageants give women the chance to shine and add a little more sparkle to their lives. Thank you for excepting me I am so looking forward to working my way to the finals next year.