About Us

We celebrate the Beauty and Diversity of Every Woman and Man. We are committed to promoting positive body image therefore we have no height or weight limits, we also welcome married women, mothers and Male entries
Miss Diamond UK ran its first final in 2016 where we had 2 winners go on to the international Grand Finals in Las Vegas.
We have crowned our new royalty for 2023 who will be competing in Orlando in 2024 and are now accepting entries for 2024 U.K. & EU finals
We have age groups from 4 up and will be sending 11 UK Queens, 5 EU Queens and 5 Kings to compete internationally in 2025 you will go into the category which you would be by international finals in July 2025.
Diamond UK Divisions
Tiny Miss Diamond UK – 4/5
Petite Miss Diamond UK – 6/7
Little Miss Diamond UK – 8-10
Junior Miss Diamond UK – 11/12
Jr Teen Diamond UK – 13-15
Teen Diamond UK – 16-18
Miss Diamond UK – 19-28
Ms Diamond UK- 29+ or Divorced or a mum
Mrs Diamond UK – 19-44 Must be Married
Classic Diamond UK –
Miss Diamond Curve United Kingdom 19+ and UK16+
Diamond EU Divisons
Mini Miss Diamond EU – 4-7
Junior Miss Diamond EU – 8-12
Teen Miss Diamond EU – 13-18
Miss Diamond EU – 19-28
Mrs/Ms Diamond EU – 29+ married , divorced or a mum
Mr Diamond Divisions
Mini Mr Diamond 4-7
Junior Mr Diamond – 8-12
Teen Mr Diamond – 13-17
Mr Diamond UK – 18+
Mr Diamond EU – 18+